How to take out the expansion screw?

(1) Knock the exposed bolt into the connecting body with a hammer to separate the expansion bolt part from the expansion pipe. Then clamp the expansion pipe with pliers and pull it out with force. During the process of pulling, hold the screw inward, and then the bolt can be taken out.

This method is relatively common. There is a premise in the operation that the casing can be seen and clamped directly after the bolt is knocked in.

Because there are more and more specifications of expansion bolts, this method may not work well for larger expansion bolts.

(2) For the deep expansion pipe, the outer part can be cut off directly with an angle grinder or sawed off with a hacksaw, and then all the expansion pipe can be driven into the connecting body. When the expansion bolt is rusted, it will crush the connecting body and fall off. This method is simple and rough, and is often used in outdoor occasions.

(3) Compared with the above two methods, the more efficient method is to drill a hole next to the bolt (the hole depth is not less than the depth of the bolt), then hit the bolt up and down with a hammer, then clamp the outer ring of the bolt with pliers, and pull it while turning, so that the bolt can be easily taken out.

This method is basically unrestricted and is applicable to bolts of various specifications in various occasions.

Have you tried these three methods?

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Post time: Feb-01-2023